A Wizard- A mix of a Mage, Paladin, and Sorcerer.

Starting MovesEdit

The Wizard starts out with the three classic Magic-type starting moves:

  • Attack- Damage from weapon
  • Energy Bolt- Level 1= 5 Damage, 50 yd. range
  • Holy Light- Level 1= Instant cast. Restores 15 HP.


  • Fireball- Level 2
  • Shadow Bolt- Level 3
  • Wand (Proficiency)- Level 4
  • Holy Light, Rank 2- Level 5
  • White Magick (Buff)- Level 6
  • For the Greater Good (Buff)- Level 7
  • Black Magick-Level 8
  • Summon Holy Demon (Pet)- Level 10


Starts With:

  • Staff
  • Cloth
  • Robe

May get:

  • One-handed Sword
  • Leather
  • Wand

See AlsoEdit

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