The thing about this place is that a few rebellious youngsters decided to get some gold, but were accidentally trapped inside Arkraddia's gold vault.

Boss #1Edit

As soon as you enter, you see a boss. His name is Hahwk. He is a level five elite boss level. He has about 5 level one adds that anyone running this dungeon at a reasonable level should be able to overcome.

Notable LootEdit

  • Hahwk's Sword [Lvl 5]

Boss #2Edit

This boss is inside one of the first four vaults that branch off the main corridor. The main corridor has many levels one, twos, and threes, but also has some elites (Lvl 2) mixed in. When you get to the boss, whose name is Lokhus, you will find that he has one elite named add. This add is called Manser. He is not boss level, but a level five elite. He is powerful in the darker side of wizardry. Kill him. Lokhus will ignore you. Lokhus is a level 6 elite boss level. Killing him is optional, but recommended for maximum loot.

Notable LootEdit

  • Lokhus' Shield [Lvl 6]
  • Locust Cape [Lvl 6]
  • Manser's Orb [Lvl 3]

Boss #3Edit

The name of this boss is Jax. Jax is located in the first floor of vault #5 (In the middle of the corridor). He is a HUGE orc, but very stupid. so stupid, in fact, that a group can kill 3 of his adds with him ignoring you. Attack the fourth, and he will catch on. His adds are level 5, he is level 6 boss level elite.

Notable LootEdit

  • Jax's Shoulders [Lvl1]
  • Ruby [N/A]
  • Emerald [N/A]
  • Diamond [N/A]
  • Pearl [N/A]

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