The Dragonhelm is a super-powerful item that you get when you finish the game. It is also a synonym for the loot taken from the final dungeon...

Dragonhelm ItemEdit

The item of the Dragonhelm is classified as a Helm, and may be worn with anything except for another helm. Its vibrant gold color symbolizes patriotism, and the status of a Golden Guard.

Dragonhelm StatsEdit

  • Armor Statistics: 99% Protection/100% Speed/ 90% Bonus
  • Bonuses: +5% Speed, +10% Defense, +10% Magical Attack, +10% Non-Magical Attack, +10% Odds of Hitting.
  • Color: Vibrant Gold
  • Rarity: 99%
  • Level Range: 42 Only

Dragonhelm "Loot Group"Edit

The loot picked up in the Dragon's Lair dungeon will instantly morph in to the best kind of armor that your class can wear. The Dragonhelm 'loot group' is also known as the Hoard.

Consists of:Edit

  • The Dragonhelm(One-of-a-kind)
  • Cloak of the Golden Guard (Armor)
  • Emblem of the Dragon Vest (Armor)
  • Corsair/Knight Emblem (Shirt)
  • Dragonslayer's Wristbands (Armor)
  • Ring of the Leprechaun (Leprechaun Boss drops this; unique item)
  • Dragon scale Belt (Armor)
  • Flameproof Pants (Armor)
  • Dragon's Fang necklace (Decor)
  • Boots of the Honored (Armor)
  • Doomslayer (Sword, One-Hand)
  • Yawthea (Sword- Two Hand)
  • Mithril Death (Dagger)
  • Alanor (Dagger)
  • A Little Prick (Axe)
  • Encrusted Blade (Axe)
  • Doom Mace (Mace, One-Hand)
  • Paladin's Deathdealer (Mace, Two-Hand)
  • Archwizard's Staff (Staff)
  • Necromantic Staff (Staff)
  • Bow of Artemis (Bow)
  • Moon Arrows (Arrows, 5,000)
  • Necromancer's Deathdealer (Wand)
  • Wizard's Righteousness (Wand)
  • Dragon's Shield (Shield)
  • Ar'kraddian Shield (Shield)
  • Teleportation Stone (Teleporter)

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