Dark knight

The Soldier- A class for nearly everything, with a large capacity of armor and weapons, and a much smaller capacity for magical ability (Learns Paralyze at Level 10).

Starting MovesEdit

As with almost every class, the Soldier starts out with three combat moves. They are listed here:

  • Attack- Damage depends on weapon only
  • Parry- At level 1, gives 50% chance of a block for 3 seconds.
  • Hack- At level 1, does +1/4 damage than regular attack.


How does a Soldier train? Quests? Payment for moves? or a combination of both?

All a Soldier has to do is pay for moves once they reach the leigitimate level.


  • Slash-Level 2
  • Shield (Proficiency)- Level 4
  • Cleave- Level 4
  • Mail (Proficiency)- Level 5
  • Bow & Arrow (Proficiency)-Level 6
  • Poison Shot-Level 8
  • Dreadblade- Level 8
  • Flameshot- Level 10
  • Paralyze- Level 10

More is to come


So long as the Soldier has the correct training, he/she may use any type of armor or any kind of weapon.