"The Shadow Elves were genetically engineered by an Archwizard who muddled with depths that he shouldn't have. They were used as an army for the Ancient Elves, and eventually when the Elves were all sitting at a banquet, a small portion of elves randomly got up and started shooting the other Ancients. The Shadow Elves did the duty that they were bound to, and tried to stop these elves. Tried-and very nearly failed, as these Elves had managed to kill the other Ancients. The Shadow Elf wizard known only as Rak'jair froze these rebellious ancients to their seats, and they stayed frozen for several hundred years. The Shadow Elves moved out of Central Ar'krad, and, seeking sanctuary, eventually washed up on the Shires of the Western Shores. They met the humans there, and though they were still working tribally, managed to secure a friendly position with them. But they saw the humans' ways as non-conservative and vicious, and so the Shadow Elves set out across the coastline. Eventually, they came to a forest where they founded a small city. Still not happy, they wandered off, building majestic cities in many forests. But nevertheless, they still consider their first city home. When the Human race founded the Knights, the Shadow Elves were happy to join. It is through the humans that they gained such a vicious hatred of all the Corsair races, and the Blood Orcs have none other to thank than themselves. As one of the growing civilization of the Shadow Elves, it is your duty to defend the ways of Nature, Life, and the delicate Balance..."


The Shadow Elves were created by the Ancient Elf Archwizard, at the time named Re'elmarr. The Archwizard stole some roots from the Tree of Life, and then brought those roots to the Shadow Glade. In the Shadow Glade, Re'elmarr twisted those roots into the shape of an Elf and called upon the God of Shadow to bring those roots to life, in the form of an Elf. The god obeyed the Archwizard's wish, and did so. Soon the Archwizard Re'elmarr was secretly breeding the Shadow Elves. When the time came that war struck the Ancient Elves, Re'elmarr used the Shadow Elves as an army instead of the other army of Ancients. Soon the other side in the war surrendered, and the Ancients were no longer divided.

Starting AreaEdit

The Shadow Elves start their lives in the Elfin Woods of the Western Shores.


The Shadow Elf may be any of the following:

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