The Rogue- One of the more classic gaming classes. Backstab! Stealth! All very familiar to us...

Starting MovesEdit

The Rogue starts its life with four moves:

  • Attack- Damage from weapon
  • Backstab- Must be behind. Increases chance of critical hit by five percent.
  • Dagger Throw- 10 yd. range. Damage inflicted as on Dagger Statistics.
  • Stealth- Makes the Rogue invisible to those with a) lower level stealth, or b) with no stealth proficiency. Odds of Hitting-1 in 3


  • One-Handed Sword (Proficiency)- Level 5
  • Flurry- Level 7
  • Rage- Level 9
  • Sprint- Level 10


Starts With:

  • Dagger
  • One-Handed Sword
  • Leather Armor
  • Cloth Armor

May Learn:

  • Two-handed sword

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