Regmarr The Great is another title for this prince

His TitleEdit

Why is he called Regmarr the Great? Supposedly Regmarr introduced weapons to the species of the Goblins, shortly after his parents 'Disappeared'. Soon the Goblins pretty much broke up as a species, and Regmarr was left as the Prince of Nothing. Soon Regmarr called upon the forces of Amedan, and the humans fought for him to bring the Goblins back together as a species. But what was the price? The Humans demanded that the Goblins join the Knights, instead of the Corsairs; whom they favored.

Level & ClassEdit

Regmarr is a level 30 Goblin Soldier. Why 30? Why Soldier? Well, Regmarr isn't exactly the strongest Prince, so he became Level 30 instead of the regular level 42. Also, since he introduced weapons to the Goblins, he is a Soldier.

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