Pirates, although they have lost their old ways, were once a noble class. They helped with Ar'krad's age of exploration, building boats and then sailing them to new continents. However, they pirates were paid very much for this, and when there was no more sea to explore, they stopped getting paid. They decided that they would take their pay, whether or not the people of Ar'krad liked it. They continued in these ways, and they are now ignoble barbarians.

Starting MovesEdit

  • Attack- Damage of Weapon
  • Strangle- Chokes target for 50 damage over 10 seconds
  • Slyness- Chance of critical hit increases by 5%


  • Attack, Level 2- Level 5
  • Strangle, Level 2- Level 6
  • Pickpocket-Level 7
  • Parley- Level 8
  • Slyness, Level 2- Level 9
  • Sailing (Trade)- Level 10


Starts with:

  • Leather
  • Cloth
  • Dagger
  • One-Handed Sword

May Learn:

  • Mail
  • Two-Handed Sword

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