Some classes may summon pets. Here is some information on these abilities...

Fel Sorcerer PetsEdit

The Necromancer gains a pet very early on in the game. (Level 4) Here is the list of Necromancer pets:

  • Demonic Figure- A small, demonlike, creature, good at defending the Necromancer.
  • Ghostly Warrior- A Fully armed Level 10 Human Soldier, with a transparent quality. Good for dealing damage.
  • Life Drainer- A small, dragonlike creature. Good for DPS.
  • Deathwalker- A blurry, shapeshifting ghost. Good for when the Necromancer has run out of Mana
  • Necromantic Demon- Another Fel Sorcerer of the Demon race. Good for copying the player's movements.

Wizard PetsEdit

The Wizard learns how to summon and control a pet every ten levels.

  • Holy Demon- A full-size demon, turned over to the Holy side by a Wizard. Good as a companion; copies the Wizard's moves.
  • Imp- A smaller demon than the Holy Demon, but good for situations where the Wizard has run out of Mana
  • Dragon Hatchling- A small dragon, good for times when the Wizard is low on Health and Mana
  • Giant Spider- A gigantic spider, good for situations where the Wizard has low AP against the enemy
  • Shapeshifter- An animal that can shapeshift into three different forms, depending on what the Wizard needs. Good for situations where the Wizard is out of Mana, HP, or has low AP against the enemy

Healer PetsEdit

The Healer has some pets that will defend the Healer while the Healer heals others.

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