"The Igniters were born from the flames of a meteor that crashed on Ar'krad. When they emerged from their creation, they found themselves to be in a large grassland that was soon turned to a desolate wasteland for all the forest fires. The Igniters were never split up, their civilization had been comprised of their whole race since they were created. They kept this unusually large wasteland to themselves, and they kept to themselves, never traveling out of these wastelands(Known as Nurafac). Eventually, a curious young Igniter explored the lands outside of their wasteland to find the world already enveloped by war. The Igniters were the kind who partake in conflict, but only to stop it. He brought news of this back to the king of their civilization, and the king declared that they would explore the outside lands. Eventually, the Igniters had villages in Arafac and Cafarac as well as Nurafac. A Dwarf came upon them, and brought news of greater civilizations to the Igniters. The Humans of the North, with great stone cities and large bastions all over the lands. The Shadow and Half-Elves of the East, who kept to nature and killed only to conserve. The Dwarves of the West, who tunneled for gold and nobly fought for the Knights. The Goblins of the Northwest, who did much more than just bare their teeth. And eventually he asked if this race would like to be the Igniters of South, fiery and merciless. The Igniters nobly accepted this invitation, although they still keep to themselves, they are the hardest of all the fighters of the Knights. As one of the few Igniters, it is your duty to protect your allies with every source you can muster: Fire, Body, & Soul."

Starting AreaEdit

The Igniter starting area is a desolate wasteland that used to be a great forest, but is now a barren, windswept wasteland (Due to the Igniters practicing their elemental powers...). This area is called Arafac.

Available ClassesEdit

An Igniter may be any of the following:

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