"Long ago, the humans were created as the first race of Ar'krad, for the gods love to use humans in all of the universes that they create. When the humans first arrived in Ar'krad, they were split up: a tribal people. Raids and skirmishes happened, and were accepted. After a tedious time of this, a certain chieftain merged his tribe with his neighbors. Word of this spread throughout the tribes, and soon they were all making alliances. Bigger wars were fought, and more humans left dead. But eventually the Blood Orcs came to the land of the humans, known as the Western Shores in modern civilization, but known as 'The Creation' by the humans of that time. The Blood Orcs put together gigantic raids and attacks, crushing human tribes. Eventually, the tribes could no longer put up with this and decided that an alliance of all the tribes was the best course of action. The chieftain of the most powerful tribe was crowned king of the humans, and he gave them new ideas such as stone and cities. Through their alliance, the humans drove the Blood Orcs out of the Western Shores and claimed the continent for theirself. The humans left their old ways of tents and hunting, and embraced new things such as cities and blacksmithing. As a human, it is your duty to defend your homeland and to conquer all threats and evils."

Starting AreaEdit

The Humans start in the bright, sunny valleys of The Shires.

Available ClassesEdit

A Human may be any of these:

Western Shores QuestlineEdit

  • Hidden Enemies (Lvl. 1), The Shires
  • Traitors to the Race (Lvl. 2). The Dwarf Mines
  • Strength in Numbers (Lvl. 3), Orc Mountains
  • Arafac's Deceit (Lvl. 4), Arafac, Cafarac, & Nurafac
  • Distress Signal (Lvl. 5), Elfin Woods
  • Nightshire's Hex (Lvl. 6), Nightshire
  • A City's Death (Lvl. 7), Minas Rifuor
  • Horathor's Allegiance (Lvl. 8), Horathor
  • Bandits of the West (Lvl. 9), West Mountains, Mirgas
  • Departure (Lvl. 10), Lifakk, Minas Torim

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