The Goblins were never a race to form allegiances with others, or for that matter, their own kind. They were always fighting among themselves, but deep in the mountain tunnels, were nobody saw, or cared, what they did. A large number of goblins once broke free to the surface, where they hurriedly started a war with the Tigrisians. The goblins badly lost, and retreated to the tunnels. They bitterly searched for revenge. At a time not long after this, a Dwarven Mining Expedition found this small pocket of Goblins. The Dwarves, after coming to know why these goblins were not at the very depths of the mountain, asked them for a trade: If they pledged their allegiance to the Knights, they would have their revenge. As one of these Goblins, it is your duty to honor this: Obey your allegiances, and then wipe out every last one of the hated Tigrisians.

Starting AreaEdit

There are two zones named Orc Mountains in the Western Shores. One is in the North; controlled by the Knights. One is in the South; controlled by the Corsairs. The Goblins start out in the Northern Orc Mountains.

Available ClassesEdit

A Goblin may be any of these:

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