Fahdre (FAH-dray) is a holiday, and yet very solemn. Like all those Jewish fasting holidays. This 'holiday' is the most important day of the Ar'kraddian year, for it celebrates the death day of a man (race unknown) who overcame the demon king. Each race celebrates it differently, the Dwarves (again) holding the Stupidest Festival Idea Award.

Racial CustomsEdit

Human CustomsEdit

The Humans are always thought of as disliking death, and they treat the day as a funeral. All the players will temporarily gain [Fahdre's Memorial Robe], which is a black funeral robe.

Orcish CustomsEdit

The orcs are like the vikings: They are so stupid that they think death is glorious. So they feast all day long and wear elegant clothes (Orc standards of elegant clothes is wearing something that is not armor or a loincloth). The players all temporarily gain [Fahdre's Memorial Meat], which brings the player back to full HP & Mana.

Elvish CustomsEdit

Shadow and Half Elves celebrate it the same way. They do not speak all day, but they do the noblest thing. The Half + Shadow elves gain an item called [Tome of Fahdre: Remember Him] that when used an inscription will come up and make you invincible for a few minutes.

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