Factions are groups in the game that players can ally with. The more "favors" you do for each faction the higher reputation you get with them. Once your reputation count gets to a certain number you will jump to the next status of the faction and will be allowed more features.

Faction Status

  • Blood Spiller- Cannot buy/sell. Will attack anywhere.
  • Hostile- Cannot buy/sell. Will attack if you trespass on land.
  • Neutral- 0% Discount on all items. Will attack if engaged.
  • Friendly- 10% Discount on all items. Access to certain exotic items.
  • Respected- 20% Discount on all items. Access to racial ground mounts.
  • Cherished- 30% Discount on all items. Access to racial flying mounts.
  • Revered- 35% Discount. VERY hard to obtain. Access to special items.


The Fellowship Of The Knights

  • Members- All Knight Races
  • Capital-
  • Leader-
  • Description- The Fellowship Of The Knights is a proud group of many races. They cherish their diversity and honor bravery.

The Loners

  • Members- Shadow Elves, Half-Elves
  • Capital- Nowhere
  • Leader- Goldenfire
  • Description- The Loners are travelers, wanderers, bards, anybody who has a life on the road is welcome into this society.

Knights of the New Dawn

  • Members- Shadow Elves, Half-Elves, Humans, Igniters
  • Capital- Traalar
  • Leader- Vanaerial
  • Description- Very polite, but very deadly. These people operate an interesting business that has anything to do with violence. They do not like to break laws, but don't annoy them. You'll be dead hanging from a tree in about ten minutes.


  • Members- Dwarves, Goblins
  • Capital- Nowhere
  • Leader- Arktoth
  • Description- Fearsome, thats the one word that describes these brutal warmongers.


The Battalions

  • Members- All Corsair Races
  • Capital-
  • Leader- Archfire
  • Description- Courage and Honor show much about a persons strength here. People in this community gather everywhere to enjoy fighting competitions.

Hell's Inhabitants

Silver Sword Ambassadors


D'hur Clan


  • Members- Almost all of them are dead because of their feeble attempts at keeping peace in Ar'krad, so none of the races are known.
  • Capital- Exact location unknown, some suspect near The Olde City
  • Leader- Not a clue
  • Description- They're all dead

= Vici

  • Members- Humans, Goblins
  • Capital- Island right below Graymoore
  • Leader- Baron Snilang
  • Description- Vici controls many shipping routes and is very good at smuggling goods.

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