Dy'hourriens are giant rock people (usually on average 7-8 feet tall) that reside in Northern, Eastern Lands. They were first created by a Demon Sorcerer who wanted terrible evil to come to Ar'krad. Due to an accidental mistranslation in the spell, the rock people ended up being friendly and not terrifying. Most of them currently reside in their huge crater city, D'hur but others have moved south to find Rizrac Outpost. They have a mutual trade agreement with the Dwarves- they give the Dwarves metals, and the Dwarves give them weapons and armor. They are famous for the practices of mining with their bare hands. They value physical strength and will respect and honor anyone who can beat them in a contest of strength. Despite their appearance, they are friendlier and much smarter than they look. They also have an unspoken rivalry with the Ice Elementals.

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