"The Dwarves were a humble race, their only feuds being the ones with the Ancient ELves of old, but mostly what occupies these curious little creatures is mining and gold. The race of the dwarves has been split into many different factions, many times, all fighting for the same thing: gold. In one of these wars, the lust for gold was so violent that the two feuding factions actually completely devastated the other faction's city. It left two of the greatest of the Dwarf mines in ruins, and these mines are now known as 'mirgal ereth': Decaying Gold. Nevertheless, the other Dwarf races got on with their mining. Eventually a feud came up between the Elves and the Dwarves. It ensued in a completely racial war, with Hammerskjold the Dwarf leading his people. One night, the Elves snuck in to the capital of the Dwarve's city and completely, utterly, destroyed it. Many Dwarf families were lost in the mines, the biggest group now known as the Feh' Rall Expedition. These Dwarves were the first to consider moving away from Central Ar'krad, and, when they did, the Humans and Shadow Elves welcomed them warmly and were pleased to have their allegiance. As one of the last Dwarves of the Feh' Rall Expedition, it is your duty to honor this allegiance.

Starting AreaEdit

The Dwarves have a very classic and predictable starting area- The Dwarf Mines.

Lore Edit

Please see Beer Fest for more information on dwarves.

Available ClassesEdit

A Dwarf may be any of these:

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