Once the capital of the orcs, this proud volcanic city was captured during the first demon war and made into a demon fortress. The gate is prominent, but then the dungeon goes into a very confusing pattern: Caverns, Techno, ancient architecture, etc. The first is the Cavern area, which is reached by both of the tunnels inside the Gate.

Boss #1Edit

Boss #1 is a demon named Marik'jul. He looks just like any other demon, but is elite and named. He is also level 41. He holds the secret key to a door behind him. He has about 5 adds, but they are non-elite level thirty Demon Guards. They do not give very good loot.

Notable LootEdit

  • Demon Cape [Lvl 42]

Boss #2Edit

When you force your way into the tech room, there will be three level 41s waiting for you. Kill these guys. Take the [Remote Control of Doom] from one. Use it. A tunnel should open up, but this one has many pipes and picture windows that show magma. Follow the tunnel, kill the demons (And Corrupted). Eventually you will find yourself in a duplicate tech room of the first tech room. But this time you see two undead and one heavily armored Corrupted. The undead are level 41, so they could cause trouble. The Corrupted will ignore you if you attack one of his adds. Attack two, and he will come running. This Corrupted Being is named Hellmaw. Hellmaw is a level 41 elite, with dual spinner blades on his wrists. He is, of course, boss level difficulty.

Notable LootEdit

  • Hellmaw's Blades [Lvl 41]
  • Demon Shoulders [Lvl 42]

Boss #3Edit

After the tech rooms, you find yourself in a Greco-Roman like room. Undead, Corrupted, & Demons will pour out of these holes in the roof that you cannot reach. There are 1 of each race at every given time until you have killed all ten of one race. After killing the thirty NPCs, a Demon will jump out of the Demon hole. This is Desch Megmen. He is one of the demon king's most trusted lieutenants. He is a level 42 boss level elite. Kill him and take the [Key].

Notable LootEdit

  • Demon Leggings [Lvl 42]
  • Demon Boots [Lvl 42]
  • Demon Arm Armor [Lvl 42]
  • Ruby Hilt Sword [Lvl 41]
  • Ruby Shield [Lvl 41]

Boss #4Edit

Soholthr is the final boss of Desch Kull. His location remains under lock and key until a player leaks it out. He is a level 43 boss level elite. Kill him for [Soholthr's Skull]

Notable LootEdit

  • Demon Chestpiece [Lvl 42]
  • Demon Shield [Lvl 42]
  • Demon Necklace [Lvl 42]
  • Deschstaff [Lvl 41]
  • Skullsword [Lvl 41]

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