Orcs are a very common race. Blood orcs, hmm, no. The Blood Orcs are, in physical appearance, like any other orc, except the bloodstained helmet that they always wear. On the inside, these orcs are highly intelligent, and very, very capable of inflicting large amounts of pain.

Starting AreaEdit

The Orcs start in a desolate mountain range, somehwere in the Western Shores, called the Dead Mountains.

Available ClassesEdit

A Blood Orc may be any of these classes:


Legend says that the Blood Orcs arose from the pools of blood that were all over the world after the Creation. (See Ar'krad) The first to arise was red instead of green because he came from Blood. Over time, the Blood Orc's skin turned green, but it stayed as a tradition to wear a bloodstained bronze helmet. Soon after the Blood Orc's Creation, they started just hacking at anything they could reach...

Founding of the CorsairsEdit

With the bloodlust of the Blood Orcs, you can never foresee what they are going to do next. Eventually the Blood Orcs decided that they wished to conquer Ar'krad. Therefore they went to war with the general population of Ar'krad. Soon several races had laid their weapons at the feet of the Blood Orcs (Though none of them in the current Knightfall Game), and the Blood Orcs decided to found a multi-race faction. They called themselves the Corsairs when they were fighting alongside with the other species that had surrendered to them. Eventually, the Corsairs grew so big that several races joined. Soon the Corsairs controlled all of Ar'krad.

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