Beer Fest is perhaps the oddest celebration in known history. The Dwarves spend 11 months preparing for this event, thus making it a very popular event. At least, it's popular to Dwarves. Even odder, Beer Fest has been the only major source of alcohol in Ar'krad since atleast 1500 years ago.

Records Edit

The record for most bottles of beer drunk in one sitting was set by a Mister Sirflim Ironfoot. His record was a whopping 14,982 bottles of beer in one sitting. It is said that he chugged the beer for at least 73 hours straight, although official records claim it was only 68 hours. His hangover lasted 27 hours.

Dwarven Quality (DQ) Edit

Dwarven Quality is a scale in witch to determine the quality of beer. Usually anything below a 75 is considered horrible quality and anything over 175 is considered top-notch beer.

  • 1-25 Beer of this horrible quality is actually used as oil lubricant.
  • 25-50 Beer of this quality usually has hard lumps in it, it's usually used for fertilizer on fields.
  • 50-100 Beer of this quality is your average beer, it's probably the stuff you would see in low end pubs etc...
  • 100-175 Beer of this quality is usually for the top-end restaurants. It's been rumored that it is used in the restaurant at the end of the universe, but that has never been proved.
  • 175-200 Beer of this quality is reserved for the king and royalty only. Occasionally some has leaked out into the hands of ambassadors or a high end trader.
  • 200-250 Beer of this quality is reserved for the annual beer celebration only. No exceptions.
  • 250-300 Beer of this quality is for the victor of the celebration only.
  • 300 and up This beer is illegal in all of the parts of Ar'krad. Sometimes, if you know a certain smuggler though...

Preparation (11 months) Edit

Celebration (1 month) Edit

Delivery Day Edit

This is the day the beer is delivered. Brewed from the finest grass in western Ar'krad, this beer has a Dwarven Quality (DQ) of 200-250. With a DQ that high, Dwarves have been know to spontaneously pass out even if they are up to 50ft away. That is why on delivery day, people have to stand a maximum of 100ft away from the truck. Nevertheless, when the first carton leaves the truck, even full grown dwarves start to cry with affection.

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