Armor is the type of clothing that different classes wear. Each armor type has a percentage that indicates how well it does the job listed next to the percentage. Higher protection percentage gives better chance of resisting attacks. Speed percentage shows how fast you will go while wearing that armor (Ex. 50% means you would only go half as fast as your regular speed). Finally higher bonus percentage shows you (on average, the actual amount varies with each piece) how much bonus your stats will gain.

  • Cloth------------------------------------------------7% Protection / 100% Speed / 95% Bonus
  • Robe------------------------------------------------15% Protection / 90% Speed / 85% Bonus
  • Leather----------------------------------------------25% Protection / 80% Speed / 50% Bonus
  • Thick Leather-----------------------------------------30% Protection/ 75% Speed/ 55% Bonus
  • Higher Leather-----------------------------------------35% Protection/ 70% Speed/ 60% Bonus
  • Chain mail------------------------------------------40% Protection / 60% Speed / 60% Bonus
  • Enchanted Mail---------------------------------------70% Protection/ 50% Speed/ 61% Bonus
  • Rusty Mail----------------------------------------75% Protection/ 40% Speed/ Has 10% chance of hurting attackers
  • Plate--------------------------------------------80% Protection / 10% Speed / 60% Bonus
  • Enchanted Plate------------------------------------90% Protection/ 10% Speed/ 63% Bonus
  • Multi Plate (very very very rare)----------------99.99% Protection / 5% Speed / 67% Bonus
               *Please Note that when a Class has a proficiency in a kind of armor, it includes all variations. (i.e., A Paladin can wear Enchanted Plate type armor)

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