Creation of Ar'kradEdit

Ar'krad was created by the gods of the Ancient Elves ten million years ago. Supposedly, the gods killed the God of Peace, so that Ar'krad could become their gladiatorial arena. And it did.

Creation of the RacesEdit

Of course, the gods could not have war without some beings to fight it, so they conjured up several species and set them on Ar'krad. Some came from the mundanity of earth, others from the complication of nature. Some came from the depths of hell, and some came from the heat of fire. Some of these races turned out to be intelligent, but most of them were not. But it was the intelligent ones that the gods were after...

The MindfetterEdit

The Mindfetter- the ruthless tool of the gods. This was used to make people fall in love with each other, or to make species go to war. On Ar'krad, the gods used it for the latter. The gods only had to use it one time, though, to send this universe plummeting into war. The gods used the Mindfetter to make the Humans and the Blood Orcs hate each other. The world was slowly engulfed in war, and currently Ar'krad is exploding with war.

The Ahrik'jai WarEdit

This war was, perhaps, the most bloody of all wars fought on Ar'krad. It involved even more races than the current war, which involves six. The Ahrik'jai War was of twenty races, all of them fighting for their own cause. To strangers of Ar'krad, it might appear as if this was an unreasonable massacre. But what it really was: The Mindfetter. The God of War (Ahrik'jai) had become so obsessed with war that he wanted to engulf several Universes in it (Including the one that you are looking at this computer screen from...). So naturally, Ahrik'jai stole the Mindfetter and releases its power on to twenty of the races of Ar'krad... Eventually, his brother, the God of Shadow, found him doing this and took the Mindfetter right out of Ahrik'jai's hands. That ended the Ahrik'jai War.

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